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Overview: What is Polynesian Dance?

Polynesian Dance encompasses different dance styles that are associated with a specific island group. Hula comes from the islands of Hawaii, Tahitian derives from the islands of Tahiti, the Haka and Poi Balls originated in New Zealand, and fire knife dancing comes from Samoa.

Tahitian ori, the Tahitian word for dance, is characterized by the fast drumbeats and its fast hip motions. Hula is characterized by its slow and graceful hips and hands, often accompanied by ukulele or contemporary music. Tahitian and hula are the two dance styles that our dance group focuses on.

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Outside Building 21 & 22

Winter Posada 2023

Winter Posada 2023

Valley de los Muertos 2022

Valley de los Muertos 2022

Spring Rally 2022

Spring Rally 2022

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