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How can I join the Falcon Club? Is it free or do I have to sign up?

The Falcon Club is free and is open to all Valley High School students. No sign-ups are needed to join the Falcon Club. Just stop by after-school in room 8-6.

What do you do at Falcon Club? 

Falcon Club is a safe space for Valley High School Students to do homework or hang out at after-school. You can work on homework, play games, enjoy some snacks, or simply hang out with friends. We also have weekly Fun Friday activities such as movie nights, bingo nights, paint nights, and offer various field trips throughout the year.

Where is Falcon Club? What time does it start? 

The Falcon Club is located in room 8-6. It is open everyday after school from 3:20 PM to 6:20 PM. During Monday meeting schedule, the Falcon Club is open from 2:15 PM - 5:15 PM.

Is food provided?

Yes, we provide a variety of FREE snacks and drinks for students to enjoy!

Do I have to attend Falcon Club daily?  

No, students are welcome to stop by whenever they would like and can stay for as long or as little as they’d like. 

How do I become a volunteer?

Volunteers for the Falcon Club have the same responsibilities as a Student Leader but with less of a time commitment. This option is great for our busier Falcons, who would like to still be involved. If you're interested in becoming a volunteer with the Falcon Club, please click and fill out this google form.

For further questions or concerns, you may contact the Falcon Club Site Coordinator

Site Coordinator: Nancy Agapito-Avelino

Monday - Friday from 10 AM - 6:30 PM 

Site #: (714) 714-8344

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