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Mrs. Nancy

Mrs. Nancy is our approachable Site Coordinator! Very nice and caring. Patient with the students and very understanding of all types of backgrounds and cultures.

Fun Facts:

Favorite place to drink coffee from : Jack in the Box

Favorite Drink: Water

Favorite foods: Sushi, Enchiladas and Korean BBQ

Favorite color: Aqua

Hobbies: Hiking, Running, Journaling, & family time

Ms. Nataly

Ms. Nataly is our Polynesian coach! She has been part of the falcon staff for 6 years!! Her love for dance has kept this component going and growing every year...

Fun Facts:

Favorite place to eat : Boiling crab

Favorite Drink: Mazapan Frapp

Favorite foods: Sea food

Favorite color(s): pink

Hobbies: Dancing


Ms. Mel

Ms. Mel is the Teen Center lead and also collaborates with Ms. Kimberly on arts & crafts planning. Occasionally Mel makes cool button pins.

Fun Facts:

Favorite place to eat : McDonalds

Favorite Drink: Iced Coffee

Favorite foods: Tortas, sopes, pizza

Favorite color(s): green, Black

Hobbies: Reading, Painting and thrifting

Ms. Kimberly

Ms Kimberly oversees our arts & crafts component and co-leads events happening at the teen center.


Fun Facts:

Favorite place to eat : Olive Garden

Favorite Drink: Any Iced Teas (Starbucks)

Favorite foods: Enchiladas & Chilaquiles

Favorite color: All the colors

Hobbies: Painting/coloring and going on walks


Ms. Emily


Ms Emily is a new addition to the falcon club staff. “It has been fun meeting new students and being able to be a part of different clubs.” She will be overseeing the production of these newsletters. If you have any ideas, please contact her at


Fun Facts:

Favorite Place to Eat: Chipotle or Panini Grill

Favorite Drink: Matcha or Ice coffee ( From White sparrow)

Favorite Colors: Earthy Green or Blue

Hobbies: Pottery, Exercising and Trying new coffee shops

Screenshot (2).png

Mr. Tuan

Mr. Tuan is a new addition to the falcon club. He enjoys playing super smash brothers with the students.


Fun Facts:

Favorite Place to eat: Butaton or McDonalds

Favorite Drink: Thai Milk Tea

Favorite Food: Spicy Ramen

Favorite color: Red

Hobbies: Chess, gaming, and exercising

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